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We will be adding to this gallery every day so that you can see the different materials and products we are able to make and work with on request of our customers.

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Xmas Items

Xmas Products

We also have a big range on laser cut items and laser engraved gifts for all.

This can be any things from a box to a tree.

You are welcome to send us ideas to make for you!

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Wooden Designs

Custom Wooden Products

Here you will find products made from;

Kiaat wood, Pine wood, Rose wood, Aok wood, Bamboo, Jakaranda wood and many other natural wood.

The most popular used wood would be 2mm, 3mm and 6mm MDF wood. 

They will have different colors like yellow, brown, white and many other laminated colors.

We hope you enjoy all these photos as we enjoyed making them for our customers.

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Wooden Boxes

Wooden Boxes

We make a large range of woode boxes and most are custom sizes and custom looks.

Boxes that are made custom takes a time to design as we do our own design work.

This isthe reason that a may take longer than most to do, but once it is done you will have a wooden box spesially made for you.

We us different woods to make the boxes; mdf, pine, meranti, kiaat, jakaranda, rose and planty more.

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Custom Trophies

We make and supply a large range of trophies to all our customers.

Customers normally request the size, materiaal and mixed items with the name plate when ordering a custom trophy from us.

You may need one and not see it here so let us customize it for you and make sure yours are special.

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Sublimation is a way of printing on gifts that are covered with a special chemical so that when we need to apply artwork mostly in colour it will be done with sublimation printing that also has to be done with heat.

There are a few items we can do with this and we will show most of the popular once here.

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Stainless Steel Engraving

Stainless Steel Engraving

We engrave on a number of stainlss steel products.

Mugs, knifes, pins, dog tags and many more.

We do supply a range of these items that we engrave on.

There are also gifts you may buy from stores that we can engrave on to custom it for you.

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Pen Engraving

Engraved Pens

We engrave a large range of pens for customers and shops.

The pens are big and small, parker and plastic bring then all we will help you all!

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Medals Range

We supply a range of medals made from different materials.

The materials maybe metal zinc, perspex, wood, stainless steel, wood and even brass it may depend on availabilty of material some time. 

It ranges from buget to spesial expensive medals, all depending on size and thickness and this we may need to ask you when you need to make your choice of medals.

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Leather Engraving

Leather Engraving

We love doing leather engraving for our customers. The leather that we engrave we do not supply as most customers would have there own leather item they would like us to engrave on.

There is some items we suppy like leather wallets, keyholders and covers.We keep a cataloque of these and some my chamge from time to time.

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Wooden Keyholders

We make any size and shape keyholder from 3mm and 6mm mdf wood.

Mdf is a recycled wood that normaly are yellow from the soft wood and brown from harder wood.

Our wooden key rings are very cost effective as a gift or just for decor.

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Stainless Steel Keyholders

Stainless steel keyholders are unique as it is not easy making that spesial keyholder and 

writing a spesial something on the keyholder for that memory you want!

We have done so for some of our customer. 

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Key Holders

Key holders can be made from a big range of materials witch we can make and supply to our customers.

Key holders can be personelised with engraving if you have bought the key holder or we made if

for you,There are a few ways of branding the key holders for different reasons.

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Glass Engaving

Glass Engraving

Glass engraving would be wrongly seen as sand blasting witch it is not.Galss engraving gives a lot more detail than sandblasting.

We do supply some glasses fro engraving as gifts, but customers are welcom to supply there own glass items for engraving and we will advise the best way for it to be engraved for the special person or function.

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Fibre Engraving

Fibre Engraving

The Fibre engraving  is where no past are used and engraving happens where the fibre crystal changes the metal mostly stainless steel to black, brass to a brown colour and aluminuim to white.

It also engravers white on to black perspex and grey on white ABS.

This way of engraving is also used by industrail customers to mark plates og different items in the industrial sector.

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